Michael McNeir ICA Int.Dipl.AML


Holds outstanding financial investigation, analytical, and organisational skills and has an excellent record of working well in high pressure, demanding and complex environments. A strong  communicator with an ability to build resilient interpersonal relationships in a diversity of settings. A confident decision maker and problem solver and able to motivate and engage significantly. 

Throughout the career has demonstrated a commitment to delivering the highest level of integrity,  professionalism and personal responsibility. Continually proves to be a conscientious and tenacious  individual. A ‘thought leader’ experienced in presenting to national and International conferences on  anti money laundering, bribery/corruption and asset recovery and giving evidence at criminal courts. 

Enforcing the Law

Since 1986


  • A confiscation order was issued in 2007 to a subject for money laundering. The original investigator could not identify any assets at the time. The criminal benefit figure was set at £70,000.00. The available amount was set at £1.00.
  • He deceived an elderly victim into parting with his money and property.
  • Reviewed the confiscation case in 2017 and Identified assets within the UK and overseas namely property, expensive cars and bank accounts.
  • Restrained his bank account with a Tier one bank HSBC as it held sufficient funds and was proportionate within European Human Rights.
  • The £70,000.00 was subsequently returned via the Court to the elderly victim.


FORUM Financial Advisory and Training Solutions SRL

2020 – present: Founder of the business in Bucharest, Romania.
Provider of Financial Advisory matters.
Provider of Training – AML/CTF, Compliance and Fraud.


2020 – present
Responsible for training students from various businesses on Fraud.
Designing training packages on fraud.

2018- 2020 Trainer in Anti Money Laundering – Criminal and Terrorism Financing.

Responsible for training students from Financial Institutions and other areas on anti money laundering / criminal and terrorism financing.

International Compliance Association

2018 – 2020 Trainer in Anti Money Laundering – Criminal and Terrorism Financing.
Responsible for training students from Financial Institutions and other areas on anti money laundering/ criminal and terrorism financing.

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Confiscation and Enforcement Unit

2016 – 2019 Accredited Financial Investigator and Detective.
• Working within the London Asset Confiscation and Enforcement Unit, responsible for a range of financial investigations including fraud and money laundering.

• Led investigations into property assets within the UK and overseas with a view to restraining and confiscating assets gained through the proceeds of crime.
• Working in liaison with financial institutions both nationally and internationally within the corporate and investment banking sectors such as HSBC, Lloyds and UBS with successful results in confiscating assets and removing criminal proceeds.
• Whilst liaising with UBS, an asset worth £100,000.00 was seized from a Swiss Bank account of a convicted criminal.
• Working in partnership with foreign embassies within the UK such as the United States, Eire, Romania, Spain, Canada and Australia with their own domestic
Financial Intelligence Units and financial services.
• The role includes the implementation of a range of legislation including the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA), the Criminal Finances Act 2017 and anti-money laundering regulations.
• Instigated cash seizures and led proactive investigations into intelligence raised through Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs). Ensured compliance with the Financial Action Task Force requirements and the Fourth and Fifth European Union Money Laundering Directive.
• During this time successfully demonstrated the successful conduct of over 200 confiscation and cash forfeiture cases in which assets have been confiscated. • Built and maintained resilient relationships with key partners across the UK Financial Intelligence Unit, foreign Financial Intelligence Units, the National Crime Agency (NCA), and within the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
• Responsible for the management of numerous complex investigations and has secured success in numerous financial cases.
• Worked, with significant success, with Tier One financial institutions such as HSBC, Lloyds and Barclays, resolving issues and removing criminal proceeds from the financial system.
• Liaised effectively with industry partners and subject matter experts to devise optimal best practice tactics and protocols,
• Liaised effectively with the Home Office Proceeds of Crime Unit with regard to the Proceeds of Crime Legislation and issues at the UK Enforcement Courts,
• Consistently showed tenacity and determination in tracking and seizing hidden assets on a global basis, returning significant funds to both victims of crime and the UK government.

Homicide and Serious Crime Command

2007 – 2016 Financial Intelligence Officer and Detective
• Responsible to investigate the most complex and serious crimes, including murder and serious risk to life.
• Included covert intelligence gathering and the management of highly sensitive and  confidential information.
• Consistently brought a determined and tenacious approach to resolve even the  most challenging cases,
• Utilised advanced interviewing skills to secure and develop intelligence.
• Undertook financial intelligence investigations; gathered intelligence through tracking and exposure of financial activity to support homicide investigations.
• Delivered extensive and detailed knowledge on the structuring and implementation  of complex investigations, including where cash was obtained through criminal  means to fund aspects of international terrorism.
• Worked on complex investigations, tracked financial activity and connections to  establish the location of suspects.
• Worked with foreign partners to match similar behaviour and offending.

• Tracked individuals through their hidden financial activity nationally and internationally, securing locations to facilitate arrests.
• Established connections between murder victims and their assailants; developed intelligence and setting direction within murder enquiries.

• Utilised financial investigative skills by liaising directly with Barclays, Western Union, (US based) and MoneyGram, resulting in tracking two suspects for murder.
• Financial enquiries with Western Union revealed they had fled the UK to Spain via the Netherlands where they were arrested and later extradited.
• Financial enquiries identified links to ISIS/DAESH with the two suspects and links to foreign fightersin Syria and safe houses in North Africa. A successful prosecution was achieved.

Kent Constabulary

2000 – 2007 Constable to Detective
• Performed a wide range of uniform and CID roles including being a Detective investigator.
• Demonstrated an intelligent and competent eye for detail, enquiry and observation.
• Investigated a range of investigations including fraud, burglary, robbery and serious violence, delivering high standards of evidence to support convictions.


2019 -2020 Manager within the Financial Investigation, Forensic and Compliance Department based in Bucharest, Romania.
• Responsible for the jurisdictions of Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Moldova. • Financial/non-financial institutions consultancy and training.
• Compliance within Financial and non-financial institutions.
• Inspections and Supervisory Actions.
• Financial Intelligence and linked Investigative Investigations.
• Anti Corruption and Anti Bribery assessment and Investigations.
• Fraud Risk assessment and assessments.
• Criminal and Terrorism Financing assessments linked to Anti Money Laundering.

Port of Dover Force

1986 – 2000 Constable
• Performed wide range of uniform and CID roles, investigated fraud and worked in close liaison with German and French law enforcement to identify stolen vehicles or property.
• Worked in partnership with key agencies within a successful multi-agency operation to combat alcohol and tobacco smuggling. Awarded a citation of merit.
• Represented the Port of Dover Police in Hamburg, Germany, establishing a resilient liaison channel to established appropriate and valuable intelligence sharing.


 2018 – Wrote a paper on Anti-Money Laundering and the links to Art!. – Currently in the second editing phase to be included in the Transatlantic 2018 Cultural Property Crime Symposium book. Publisher is Routledge.

2020 – Wrote a paper on the Art/Auction Houses and the Impact of the Fifth EU Money Laundering Directive.

Behavioral Economics (BE) or Behavioral Economic Analysis

Economic consultant Ionel Blănculescu and former detective and financial investigator Michael McNeir will bring to Romania a new concept to help restart corporations, based on competition analysis:

Behavioral Economics (BE) or Behavioral Economic Analysis.

Read more / Source: bursa.ro


 January 2021: Live British Romanian Chamber of Commerce Webinar as a co-presenter with KYC Global Technologies on the most effective way to combat money laundering in the post COVID World.

December 2020: Live Interview with Enache & Pirtea, Bucharest, Lawyers on Criminal Asset Confiscation and the Romanian law 228/2020.

June 2020: Conducted a virtual training class on Policing and Financial Crime for the Centre of UK Parliamentary Studies.

May 2020: Virtual Guest Speaker on Fraud during COVID 19 with Enache and Pirtea Lawyers in Bucharest, Romania

May 2020: Conducted a Podcast for Transparency International on Art and the Links to Money Laundering.

February 2020: White Collar Crime & Corporate Fraud in Romania 2020, InterContinental Bucharest.

February 2020: gave a presentation on Business Trends at the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce in Bucharest, Romania.

February 2020: gave a presentation on Kleptrocrats at the Romanian GOVNET conference in Bucharest, Romania.

July 2019: Gave a Joint presentation with Alesia KOUSH, (UNESCO and Cultural Protection for the municipality of Florence), from Florence, Italy at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London on Crimes against Culture: What is at stake?.

July 2018: gave a presentation on Russia and the London Property Market with Asset Confiscation Issues at the Royal United Services Institute, London connected with my role with the Advisory Board on the London Property Market.

June 2018: gave a further presentation and paper on Russia and its links to anti money laundering through Art Crime with the Queen Mary University of London, University of Maryland (USA) and Mount Saint Mary College (USA).

March 2018: Howard Kennedy LB Business Network – These sobering statistics brought more than 60 guests of the LB Business Network together at Howard Kennedy’s offices on 15 March 2018 to better understand how to prevent and combat fraud in the workplace.
Read more.

March 2018: gave a presentation on asset recovery in Combating Fraud in 2018: Is your business ready? At the high profile Law Firm Howard Kennedy in London connected to the London Business Network.

 March 2018: gave a Master Class on Financial Crime at the Queen Mary University of London.

December 2017 & December 2018: gave presentations on Anti Money Laundering and Asset Recovery at the 11th and 12th National Anti-corruption Conferences in Podgorica, Montenegro sponsored by the European Union and the United States, United Kingdom and German embassies.

September 2017: gave a presentation on High End Money Laundering at the 35th University of Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime.



Member of the International Compliance Association- (ICA)


Member of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce



Advisory Board member researching Russia, China and the Gulf States with their links to anti money  laundering, dirty money and the London Property Market. Organised by the University of Sussex.


Member of the Dutch Romanian Chamber of Commerce

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