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We are in collaboration with both KYC Global Technologies and PGN Gobal. All of these products are especially viable in the modern age of 2021 and beyond.

KYC Global Technologies

KYC Global Technologies is a leading Global RiskTech 100 provider of AML screening and client lifecycle risk management software. The business was established by some of the world’s leading AML experts and data scientists. Its RiskScreen solutions are used by over 850 financial services businesses, industrials, regulators and law enforcement agencies across 135 jurisdictions including Barclays, Investec, Standard Bank, Canaccord, Skipton, Fidelity, Julius Baer, AON, Ernst & Young, Ikea, and Lonhro. The commitment and expertise of KYC Global Technologies in financial crime prevention extends to operating KYC360, the world’s leading AML on-line knowledge portal.

KYC Global Technologies is the only provider of the complete End-to-End AML Risk Management Ecosystem. The full suite of modules automates the beginning of a prospect relationship with KYC onboarding though to the ongoing management of all AML risk during the entire client lifecycle and beyond. The modules provide optionality and a fully integrated path for implementation in support of our clients’ plans for automation and growth.


OnBoard and RiskScreen Batch can screen against either Dow Jones or Refinitiv/ WorldCheck data – giving our clients a choice at the outset or some commercial flexibility further down the line. Both data sets are defensible choices from a regulatory standpoint. Our longer relationship with Dow Jones means that we can provide both our technology and Dow Jones data under a single licence agreement and pricing is based on this scenario. I have provided entry level pricing for each option and would be happy to provide further pricing based on individual requirements.


PGN Global

Dealing with Omiscopy and Maleware products. Especially viable in the modern age of 2021 and beyond. PGN is a network of advisors (PGN Members) who bring technology companies (Producers) to the right clients, globally. It is built on Produs™ methodology and knowledge of 100s of sales specialists from many projects and various industries. The Global B2B Markets are not as innovative as they could be seeing many SMEs with very innovative solutions that could significantly improve the performance of other companies. This happens due to several issues:
1) Innovative offerings are complex and very often ineffectively presented to the right persons in the buying organisation nor in the way relevant to their needs;
2) Producers build expensive websites and provide an overwhelming amount of information that is mostly about them and their offerings;
3) Most innovative offerings are created somewhere in the world and they don’t have the sales potential to approach ideal buyers in remote markets;
4) Buyers have difficulties to build trust with Producers found online to engage them in the impactful projects and consequently struggle to kick-start the so needed innovation in order to remain competitive. PGN brings trusted solutions from the most innovative SMEs to companies that need them! The PGN is expanding rapidly.

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